Our Partners average over fifteen years of professional experience, much of it at “Big 4” accounting and regional law firms, and have managed dozens of litigation and licensing projects involving various types of industries and intellectual property applications.

Our Strength
Many litigation consultants offer their opinions is a vacuum, which is to say when they opine on economic damages they often have no actual experience in closing licensing deals, or evaluating claims sets, or determining the real world acceptance of the disputed intellectual property. The Stirling Group has deep experience in constructing economic damage models and brings the credibility of “hands on” execution of licensing programs and evaluation of claim sets.

Conversely, our strength in licensing is enhanced by our litigation experience in that we recognize the pitfalls that can occur in the licensing process and can bring that experience to bear.

Crisis Media Relations
Many law firms do not have the experience base to navigate the media issues that can flare up during the course of litigation. Our Partners have provided numerous intellectual property and/or crisis media seminars for organizations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum, the Dallas Bar Association, the Inventor’s Association of Arizona, the Dallas Inventor’s Association, and many other groups. Our partners are published, and their credits include the New York Times Best Seller list, as well as many articles for scholarly journals, including a book on copyright law. In addition, we have been interviewed by well-known media such as the TODAY show, PEOPLE Magazine, Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, the Dallas Business Journal, DFW Tech-Biz, and ABC radio.

Confidentiality Guaranteed
We understand that you are concerned about confidentiality. For this reason, we commit in writing to keep your matter confidential before your initial consultation.